BBB³TV = BEATBOX BATTLE® TELEVISION is producing the Beatbox Battle World Championship event series and owns the largest vocal percussion multimedia archive with hundreds of professional video clips and more than +260.000 subscriber. The Beatbox Battle Network was founded in summer 2002 by Bee Low
in Berlin, Germany as a non profit organization with the main focus to support the global beatboxing community. The professional event agency is specialized on culture marketing, live broadcasting and artist management. BEATBOX BATTLE® can offer you the right performer for your next advertising campaign, trade show or music exhibition.
Beatbox Battle World Championship 2005
  • On-Demand (YouTube) = +8.000.000 Views

Beatbox Battle World Championship 2009

  • HD Livestream (Freecaster) = 29.444 Unique IP
  • On-Demand (YouTube) = +21.000.000 Views

Beatbox Battle World Championship 2012

  • HD Livestream (Ustream) = 102.381 Unique IP
  • On-Demand (YouTube) = +34.000.000 Views

(BEAT BOX) = ♫ Caixa da Batida ♪ Bit Boks ♪ κτυπήστε το κιβώτιο ♪ Vocale Percussie Biittaus ♪ 拍子盒 ♪ Mond Percussie ♪ 口技 ♪ битбокс ♪ Bôite à Rythme Scatola di Battute ♪ ビートボックス ♪ Szájdob ♪ 비트박스 ♪ صخبا الطرق ♪ Mouth Drum ♪ Vocal Percussion

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