The History of Beatbox Battle

The idea for a global human beatboxing platform was brought to life by Alexander Bee Low aka Bee Low MC in spring 2001. Through his moderation and hosting activities on the stage of national DJ Championships, he recognized the potential that it radiates a high entertainment factor when musicians compete alone with their human voice and a microphone in a competition format. Because, since his youth Bee Low is known for his vocal scratch and FX sound imitations. Even before the Berlin Wall came down, he developed a passion for the art form of human beatboxing and quickly met like-minded people like Ckay, Maxim (R.I.P), Sugarbox and DJ Mesia.

With the technological development of E-Mail communication and the sending of sound recordings via mp3, Bee Low expanded his network and used the early internet to find like-minded people worldwide, to convince them of his vision of a global movement and to motivate them to join his non-profit network. He traveled across Europe to meet and exchange ideas with potential mouth musicians so that they could follow his idea of a musical organization as a collective. The Beatbox Battle Network was then officially launched in the summer of 2002 with the production of the 1st German Beatbox Championship on September 19th at the Icon Club in Berlin.

The culture brand Beatbox Battle®, has positioned itself in the early 2000'er as the umbrella organization of the international vocal percussion community. This event format influenced the global youth culture movement for more than 2 decades now. Since then, principles such as tolerance and respect have been the focus, without neglecting the competitive character. Bee Low started after the Covid-19 production pause with the rebuilding on his traditional values and is now organizing his largest festival production to date the 6th Beatbox Battle World Championships 2023 in Berlin, Germany.

NOTE: In times of global economic crisis and inflation, it has never been as difficult as it is today to organize a music festival with over 250 participants without any financial reserves.

National Championships


Our beatboxing related event series started in 2002 with the production of the german championship.
Since then we have teamed up with over 60 countries and collaborated with them in an production network.

World Championships


We organized 5 world championships so far in which over 500 professional artists have actively participated. The positive spirit of our event culture positively impacted millions of people around the world.

Festival Gigs


Our productions are regularly booked by international open-air festivals, so that we can integrate our traditional competition format into their cultural program to enrich the side-events line-up.