Maximum Respect – The Beatbox Battle TV Show

The new cultural magazine covers topics such as urban music, fashion, lifestyle and everything related to the internet web 2.0. The interactive show is broadcast every two weeks in english live from the Beatbox Battle Studio in Berlin, Germany. In every show there is a dialogue with scene relevant studio guests and musical performances of special invited artists. Our production observes the tour schedule of foreign artists traveling to Berlin, and invites them to join us on the show. Our favorites are musicians from genres such as Hip Hop and Pop, as well as actors, athletes, known YouTubers and cultural trendsetters.

Every live viewer can participate in our interactive user challenge with his smartphone, by logging in as a user on and posting a video response on the landing page of our show:

• Vancouver, Canada (UTC – 8:00) local time: 09:00am
• New York, United States (UTC – 5:00) local time: 12:00am
• Sao Paulo, Brazil (UTC – 3:00) local time: 14:00pm
• London, United Kingdom (UTC + 0:00) local time: 18:00pm
• Berlin, Germany (UTC + 1:00) local time: 19:00pm
• Moscow, Russia (UTC + 3:00) local time: 21:00pm
• Tokyo, Japan (UTC + 9:00) local time: 02:00am
• Sydney, Australia (UTC + 10:00) local time: 03:00am

→ Thursday, 9th June 2016
→ Thursday, 23rd June 2016
→ Thursday, 7th July 2016
→ Thursday, 21st July 2016
→ Thursday, 4th August 2016
→ Thursday, 18th August 2016
→ Thursday, 1st September 2016
→ Thursday, 15th September 2016
→ Thursday, 29th September 2016
→ Thursday, 13th October 2016
→ Thursday, 27th October 2016
→ Thursday, 10th November 2016
→ Thursday, 24th November 2016
→ Thursday, 8th December 2016
→ Thursday, 22nd December 2016
→ Thursday, 5th January 2017
→ Thursday, 19th January 2017

– Street Know-Ledge (Urban Culture Interview)
– Sneaker Check (Sport Shoe Review)
– Special FX Sound (Human Sound Contest)
– Freestyle Rap (A Cappella Session)
– Event Tips (Festival & Concert Review)
– Live Painting (Canvas Drawing Contest)
– Loop Station (Music Showcase)
– Fashion Report (Streetwear Review)
– Studio Equipment (Hardware Review)
– Lie Detector (Truth or Electric Shocks)
– Call a Brother (Telephone Terror)
– Skull & Bones (Studio Guest Game)
– User Challenge (Interaktive Video Contest)
– Art Core (Aerosolart & Streetart Review)
– Country Report (Video Feed: Satellite Studios)

The Maximum Respect
video trailer was produced by Trasher from Bulgaria. The audio instrumental was produced by RexBeats and the scratches are made by DJ Pro-Zeiko. If you want to advertise your brand in the show then contact our marketing team: