Maximum Respect #06 – Penkyx, ZeDe, B-Art, Slizzer, Eon & Pepouni – Beatbox Battle TV

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Watch the 6th edition of Maximum Respect
– The Beatbox Battle TV
Show from the Frauenfeld Openair Hip Hop Festival. This time we produced a real human beatboxing related talkshow with some of Europe’s greatest vocal percussion artists. Take a look and enjoy how Bee Low
the host spoke with Penkyx the loop station master from Belgium with ZeDe the Beatbox Battle World Champion. Don’t miss the real talk conversation between Pepouni from Swissbeatbox and Alexander Bülow the head of production of Beatbox Battle TV

This video featured all eight beatboxer of the Frauenfeld Beatbox Battle 2016. They all showed up there skills in front of the #BBBTV cameras with a awesome freestyle set. Listen to the exclusive interviews of B-Art
from the Netherlands, Eon
aka swishbeatbox from Austria, Funkaztek
from Switzerland, Slizzer
from Luxembourg, Supernova from Belgium, Madox
from Germany, Denis the Menace
and Rammon
from Bulgaria. They all explained there beat box skills in a style message and showed up there unique sound effects.

The video trailer is produced by Trasher. The audio instrumental is produced by RexBeats and the scratches are made by DJ Pro Zeiko

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