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The world’s largest human beat box festival welcomes the elite of the global beatboxing scene to the 6th official world championship in Berlin after the Covid-19 related event break.

More than 200 beatbox champions from +40 nations are qualified to compete against each other in six competition categories. The disciplines: men’s solo, tag-team, women’s solo, crew showcase and loop station battle guarantee an entertaining stage lineup with lots of excitement and emotions. The musical highlight will be the loop station championship, as this popular category brings the highest musical importance, where participating musicians record, sample and then play back their drum sounds, melodies and baselines into a creative audio composition. The discipline of vocal scratching is a special feature of this world championship as beatboxers will duel in a sound clash mode, imitating DJ mixing sets, including the imitation of vinyl scratch effects, exclusively with the human voice for the first time in the championship legacy. Participants from around the world have each qualified for the world cup 2023 through national championships. This guarantees that only the best will participate in the world’s largest beat box festival and the level of vocal percussion masters will reach an unprecedented level.

“During the Corona pandemic, the beatboxing culture has only developed through various online battles, video conferences and chat rooms on the internet. All the athletes can’t hardly wait to showcase their rehearsed performances on the main stage.”


The creation of percussion sounds in the mouth can be traced back several thousand years to ancient Indian and Chinese cultures. However, modern beatboxing emerged in the early 80s as part of hip hop culture. In the meantime, human beat box has been able to emancipate itself as an integral part of the urban culture movement and today represents an independent form of expression that has been viral on common social media platforms for years. Around 1,800 spectators will eagerly watch the 6th Beatbox Battle World Championship at Huxleys Neue Welt in the Berlin scene district of Neukölln. The best beatboxers in the world will present live what beatboxing means in 2023. Each competition participant must demonstrate his or her skills and set himself or herself apart artistically with a unique selling point in the preliminary round. The international jury committee, consisting of knowledgeable beat box organizers and professional scene heroes, decides which mouth musicians qualify for the face-to-face battle rounds. The competitions will be decided by knockout system and evaluated based on the criteria of musicality, originality, rhythm and performing show.



16:00 pm – Doors Open
16:30 pm – Opening Ceremony
16:45 pm – Tag-Team Elimination
18:10 pm – Men’s Top 32
20:50 pm – Vocal Scratch Quarterfinals
21:40 pm – Jury Showcase
22:00 pm – Men’s Top 16
23:45 pm – End


16:00 pm – Doors Open
16:30 pm – Opening Ceremony
16:45 pm – Crew Showcase Elimination
18:10 pm – Men’s & Women’s Quarterfinals
19:35 pm – Tag-Team Semi-Finals / Final
20:15 pm – Vocal Scratch Semi-Finals / Final
21:00 pm – Crew Showcase Final
21:30 pm – Men’s & Women’s Semi-Finals / Final
22:45 pm – Lifetime Award
23:05 pm – Winner Ceremony
23:45 pm – End


15:00 pm – Doors Open
15:30 pm – Opening Ceremony
15:45 pm – Loop Station Elimination
20:40 pm – Loop Station Quarterfinals
22:00 pm – Loop Station Semi-Finals / Final
23:00 pm – Award Ceremony
23:25 pm – Winner Ceremony
23:45 pm – End


Hasenheide 107
D-10967 Berlin, Neukölln

U-Bahnhof Hermannplatz
Subway Lines: U7, U8
Bus: 171, 194, M29, N94

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