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The crew showcase tournament is an international competition for the most innovative beatbox and a-cappella bands from around the globe. We encourage all participating crews to bring their best performance to our stage, showcasing their unique beatboxing skills and creativity. The group members can choose to dress in individual clothes or wear a conceptual outfit to create a stunning stage presence. It is recommended that all participating crews have a rehearsed choreography to ensure the best possible stage presence and stand out from other skilled competing groups.

Crew Showcase - Beatbox Battle World ChampionshipCOMPETITION MODE

To ensure a fair competition, all contest microphones on the stage will be provided with a uniform sound level. During the performance, no other musical instruments or electronic effect devices are allowed, only organic vocal percussion, including singing, rapping, humming or imitations of music instruments. Each participating group must consist of a minimum of three artists and a maximum of 5 artists. The competition starts with the elimination round, where each crew will present a 240 seconds showcase, using only their mouths to produce various drum patterns, melodies, bass lines, and sound effects related to human beatboxing. The jury committee will evaluate all performances according to the official competition criteria: precision, pattern, musicality, originality, performance. Each competitor will be awarded a rating of 1-10 points. The two crews with the highest number of points from the elimination round will advance to the grand finale and battle it out with another 240 seconds performance. The final round is the ultimate sound clash, where the best two groups compete face to face on stage.




World Champs 2005 Attention Deficit Disaudio (AUS) Pure Human Music (FRA)
World Champs 2009 Under Kontrol (FRA) Beatburger Band (CZ)
World Champs 2015 The Beatbox Collective (ENG) Under Kontrol (FRA)
World Champs 2018 Berywam (FRA) The Beatbox House (USA)
World Champs 2023 M.O.M (AUT) Kowler Rangers (FRA)


1. Each participating crew must qualify by winning a national championship.

2. All previous world champion crews have a direct entry to the elimination round.

3. All sounds that arise with the human organs are allowed in the contest.

4. Each participating group must consist of a minimum of 3 artists and a maximum of 5 artists.

5. In the elimination round, each crew must present a 4 minute human beatboxing related showcase.

6. The band members can dress individually or wear a conceptual stage outfit.

7. All 5 contest microphones will be provided with a uniform sound level to ensure an overall fair condition.

8. The 2 finalist groups had to battle it out face to face with another 4 minutes performance.

9. Any dangerous physical contact during the competition will result in immediate disqualification.

10. Every involved participant must be minimum 16 years of age and traveling with an adult or must be at least 18 years old to enter alone the competition.

11. This contest will not have any overtime round.


Elimination +20 Competitor Crews 1 x 240 Sec.
Final Round 2 Competitor Crews 1 x 240 Sec.


Final Round
2nd Ranked
      vs      1st Ranked

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