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We are excited to announce that the fifth day of our festival will be dedicated solely to the loop station tournament, which has gained global recognition in recent years as a unique style of music that combines human beatboxing and live looping. We are proud to host the world’s top looping musicians on our stage, who have no musical limits and will entertain and energize the audience with their performances. Participants will showcase their skills by creating Hip Hop tracks, as well as EDM, Dubstep and Drum’n Bass music and remixing them with a loop station live on stage. Their performances will be sure to engage the audience and get them dancing on an unforgettable day of music and competition.

Loop Station - Beatbox Battle World ChampionshipPERFORMANCE BUILD UP

Each looping artist will have the opportunity to showcase their expertise by performing a vocal music set in real time, using only their voice and other human-generated sound effects on stage. All participants are highly skilled professionals who excel at composing musical symphonies and know how to create engaging performances that captivate the audience. All artists are required to use exclusively the BOSS RC-505mk2 Loop Station, their personal microphone and a pair of headphones. No other tools, such as MIDI sequencer or external effect devices are permitted in the competition. Each musician will be provided with a production table (100 cm x 100 cm x 30 cm) along with a passive DI-Box that comes with 2 x Jack cables (6.35 mm) and a double socket with two power connections. The specific stereo audio channels are set to a uniform sound, ensuring that all competitors have the same conditions. Before their performance, each artist is allowed to conduct an audio line soundcheck.


The order of occurrences of the competitors on stage for the first round of the tournament will be drawn in advance by a raffle. All participants must show a 240 seconds elimination round on stage then. The jury committee will evaluate all music sets according to the official competition criteria: precision, creativity, musicality, technique, showmanship. Each competitor will be awarded a rating of 1-10 points per judging criterion. The eight participants with the highest placement will compete against each other in the quarterfinals, each with 2 x 180 seconds in the question and answer principle followed by the semi-finals and the title match, where the winner will be crowned as the loop station world champion 2023.




World Champs 2018 Saro (FRA) Inkie (RUS)
World Champs 2023 808Banon (USA) Yaswede (BEL)


1. Each participating competitor should qualify by winning a national championship or get nominated by a special achievement.

2. The previous world champion got a direct entry to the quarterfinal without going through the elimination.

3. The stereo audio channels of the plugged DI-Boxes will be provided with a uniform sound level to ensure an overall fair conditions.

4. The performance must be produced only with a BOSS RC-505mk2 including one microphone and a pair of headphones.

5. Any dangerous physical contact during the competition will result in immediate disqualification.

6. Every involved participant must be minimum 16 years of age and traveling with an adult or must be at least 18 years old to enter alone the competition.

7. This contest will not have any overtime rounds.


Elimination +30 Competitor 1 x 240 Sec.
Quarterfinals 8 Competitor 2 x 180 Sec.
Semi-Finals 4 Competitor 2 x 180 Sec.
Final Round 2 Competitor 2 x 180 Sec.


8th Ranked
vs 1st Ranked = Q1
7th Ranked
vs 2nd Ranked = Q2
6th Ranked
vs 3rd Ranked = Q3
5th Ranked
vs 4th Ranked = Q4

Winner Q4
vs Winner Q1 = SF1
Winner Q3
vs Winner Q2 = SF2

Final Round
Winner SF2
vs Winner SF1

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