BeatboxVerse 1.01

Platform Definition

BeatboxVerse is an urban culture 3D video game platform with an audiovisual gateway for mouth musicians and vocal percussion oriented performers. The lifestyle oriented gaming environment was created with the Unreal Engine, which houses a spacious open air concert area and a multifunctional expo campus with a virtual TV studio with a self sufficient broadcasting API to YouTube live. The web3  platform offers human beatboxing artists an VoIP cloud interface to present themselves independently of mainstream media to like minded people on the virtual concert stage or in several rehearsal rooms.

The online spectators experience a metamorphosis of organic sounds and synthetic audio tones in real time. A unified sound spectrum is created by applying artificial intelligence to the audio coding process, which is ideal for music competitions such as Beatbox Battle competitions or online courses of the Beatbox Academy. The platform is also a virtual hub for music concerts, convention meetings and cultural exhibitions. 

Membership (Club Card)

The Beatbox Battle membership gained exclusive access to our IRL events and to all our virtual concerts or championships. The owner has access to our private Discord server section and our VIP member club island in our Metaverse. The Club Card is issued in different member levels to be an exclusivity.

  • Level 1 = Club Member (Discord)
  • Level 2 = Metaverse (Vip Club)
  • Level 3 = Championship Competitor
  • Level 4 = Global Event Partner
  • Level 5 = Judges & Special Acts
  • Level 6 = DAO Member (Core Team)

Concert Stage

The Beatbox Battle Arena is a centralized live event space for human beatboxing concerts and competitions were interested a-cappella musicians, live-looper and vocal percussion artists perform on a virtual stage scenario. 

  • Online Championship
  • Mouth Music Concerts
  • Loopstation Showcases

Expo Center

The mouth music related convention center is a virtual hub for podium talks, lessons and meet & greet. he Urban Culture Congress is a decentralized online festival for creative artists, fun sport athletes, event organizer and content managers. 

  • World Beatbox Conference
  • Podium Speech (Creator & Industry)
  • Workshop (Master Class & Beginner)

Music Education

The Beatbox Academy is a digital music school where interested beat box fans can learn the art of human beatboxing in online courses. They can take part in music jams and freestyle sessions together with other subscribers. All participants are able to identify sound effect training objects in a virtual environment to learn step by step the basics of human beatboxing. The virtual students can discover varying 3D spaces to build up gradually training sessions from a beginner level to our master class. 

Beatbox Shop

We provide an NTF marketplace for virtual goods in our implemented online store. All available functional NFTs are collectable digital assets which can be traded by our members and other digitized collectors. Every user can purchase the functional NFTs such as microphones or collectable trading cards with the tokenomics game currency $BeatboxCoin. So the users feel more integrated into the ecosystem.


participant artists and virtual spectators can obtain the Beatbox coin for platform based payments of NFT’s. The BeatboxVerse ecosystem a decentralized cryptocurrency called $BeatboxBattleCoin which offers a safe payment infrastructure with the security of a regular credit card. The Beatbox coin is fully integrated in a Wallet ecosystem.

User Avatar

The BeatboxVerse is a closed ecosystem in which each user moves with a customized avatar, which can optically expand with clothing and virtual goods from the in-game Beatbox Shop. Users can create their own playable profile avatar and use it on the platform to represent their individual personality. They can upgrade their avatar with virtual goods like themed fashion and useful items.

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