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The tag-team tournament is a contest format in which two beatboxing artists from the same country come together to form a duo and compete against other duos in general. The competition format begins with the elimination round, where each tag-team will present a 2 minute performance. Both competitors must create a simultaneous beat structure with clean drum patterns and various beat changes. All provided stage microphones will be set with a uniform sound level to guarantee a fair play competition.

Tag Team - Beatbox Battle World ChampionshipCOMPETITION MODE

We recommend that all participating tag-teams have a rehearsed concept to stand out from the other competing teams and present their best performance. Because all artistic duos must prove their worth to qualify to receive a high judging result in the total ranking. The order of occurrences of all tag-teams for the first round of the tournament will be drawn in advance by a raffle. All participants must show a 120 seconds elimination round on stage then. The jury committee will evaluate all performances according to the official competition criteria: precision, pattern, musicality, originality, performance. Then each tag-team will be awarded a rating of 1-10 points per judging criterion. The four tag-teams with the highest number of points will enter the semi-finals, where they must show and prove their skills in 2 x 90 seconds face-to-face battle rounds. The two winning duos of the semi-finals will advance to the final and fight for the title.




World Champs 2015 Twenteam’8 (FRA) 4xSample (GER)
World Champs 2018 Spider Horse (USA) Mad Twinz (RUS)
World Champs 2023 Zen’Hit (FRA) Choripan (ESP)


1. Each participating tag-team must qualify by winning their national championship between 01. September 2018 – 31. May 2023.

2. All previous world champion tag-teams have an entry to the elimination round.

3. The competition microphones will be provided with a uniform sound level to ensure fair condition.

4. All sounds that arise with the human organs are allowed in the contest. The performance must be purely mouth music related with no instruments or audio devices except the contest microphone.

5. Any dangerous physical contact during the contest on stage will result in immediate disqualification.

6. Every involved participant must be minimum 16 years of age and traveling with an adult or must be at least 18 years old to enter alone the competition.

7. The contest will not have any overtime rounds, except for the great final, which will only take place if the jury committee determines that both finalist tag-teams have performed equally well. In this case, both competitor teams will be required to participate in one additional tie battle round of 90 seconds each.


Elimination +20 Competitor 1 x 120 Sec.
Semi-Finals 4 Competitor 2 x 90 Sec.
Final Round 2 Competitor 2 x 90 Sec.


4th Ranked
      vs      1st Ranked      = SF1
3rd Ranked
      vs      2nd Ranked      = SF2

Final Round
Winner SF2
      vs      Winner SF1

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