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The vocal music convention is a community based side-event for talented artists who are not participating in the world championships. This collaborative event is dedicated to reviving the global mouth music scene after the Covid-19 pandemic put it on hold. The primary focus is on connecting creative musicians who share a passion for the art of human beatboxing and building an active community. The participating solo artists and groups will demonstrate the diverse possibilities of vocal percussion, including its combination with instruments and electronic devices. The convention concept, which serves as the kick-off event of the Beat Box Expo, will take place on 2nd August 2023, at the Gretchen Club in Berlin. We anticipate the attendance of beatboxers and a cappella artists from all over the globe who will rock the microphone on stage.

Vocal & Instrument - Beatbox ExpoSHOW YOUR SKILLS ON STAGE

We offer all international human beatboxer who want to prove their musical talent a slot in our convention program. The innovated line up concept offers an exceptional platform for all partner countries worldwide, as their traveling artists can present themselves to the public. We want all nations involved to be able to present themselves musically and receive feedback from the party crowd. All serious applications from artists who are minimum 18 years old, will be considered for a performance on the Beat Box Expo stage. This is an excellent opportunity for global artists to perform live and gain exposure, reaching a wider audience. Join the vocal music convention and experience the unique sound of beatboxing while connecting with like-minded individuals from all over the world. You can expect musical delicacies and undiscovered talents who have never performed on an international stage before. This evening will become legendary as a variety of freestyle and improvisation takes place.


We expect that different country chapters will take the stage one after another, bringing a group of their experienced beatboxers with the mission to represent their nation. This will be a representative showcase slot for multiple artists from the same country, where each individual can introduce themselves musically with a solo performance. At the end, the entire group from each country will present a collaborative session to capture the full attention of the audience.


The best sound FX contest is an exciting competition for fans of human-made sound design. Foley artists can register in advance to participate in the community based sound clash. This convention module will be a highlight of our festival concept, providing an amazing experience for the audience. This format is open to all special effects sound makers. The variety of sounds in this genre makes it very difficult to judge the performances, so the crowd will determine the winners through applause in a knock out system. The top four audience favorites will battle it out on the main stage after the eliminations of the loop station tournament.


Attention all vocal percussion focused bands and artistic collectives. You have the opportunity to apply for a 15 minute prime time live set on the convention stage. The only requirement is that your group has significant stage experience and that your musical style is distinct from regular standard beatboxing. During the performance, you are welcome to use acoustic instruments as well as digital effects devices. We look forward to receiving your application and showcasing your unique talent and music style at the Beat Box Expo.

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