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We are delighted to announce a new addition to our festival concept, the Vocal Scratch Tournament. This category is open to all vocal DJs and human turntable imitators worldwide who have a passion for showmanship and can emulate scratching and special FX sounds. There have been no preliminary decisions made for this newly created discipline, so we welcome all old-school pioneers of the past twenty years and creative new-school artists to qualify for participation in this competition. We believe there are numerous legendary beatboxers who have the potential to win this iconic title. We anticipate that the scratching contest will be a thrilling and highly entertaining aspect of the 20th anniversary event legacy. Whether you are an experienced beatboxer or a newcomer to the scene, we encourage you to take part in the wildcard qualifying and win one of the 20 stage slots.

Vocal Scratching - Beatbox Battle World Championship


The only way to qualify for the vocal scratch category of the world championship is by joining our virtual online contest and submitting a wildcard video. The clip must be recorded in portrait format (TikTok) and sent to our production via the sharing platform WeTransfer.

Video Guide
→  Speak the video intro: “My name is ____ from ____ and I want to join the vocal scratch world championship
→  You can master the sound of your video as desired to achieve the best possible sound quality.
→  Show up your best routine with clean beatbox sounds, melodies or scratches.
→  Record your video only in portrait mode with a 1080 x 1920 pixel resolution (9:16 aspect ration).
→  Make sure there is no ambient noise or background sound while recording the video.
→  The video must be recorded in a one-take session with no editing or visual effects.
→  The maximal video clip length including the spoken intro is limited to 59 seconds.

Legal Notice
→   Every artists must be at least 16 years old to enter this competition.
→  Participation in the contest is only possible if we receive this signed Video Publication Authorization PDF.
→  The video must be produced exclusively for this competition and may not be published on social media.
→  Any violation of the rules will result in immediate disqualification from the competition.

Clip Submission
→  Upload your video and the declaration of consent via www.wetransfer.com
→  Transfer your data only to the E-Mail: wildcard@beatboxbattle.com
→  The deadline for the video and PDF submission is 15th May 2023 23:59 pm (CET +1)

Once the deadline has expired, all legally submitted video clips will be presented to the public as part of a live stream show later on the 28th May 2023. These clips will also be released as YouTube shorts in a playlist on the Beatbox Battle TV channel, alongside all other submissions. Our expert panel of judges will view and fairly evaluate all wildcard videos and select the 20 applicants with the highest scores. All winners are qualified to enter the vocal scratch elimination round at the Beatbox Expo on the 3rd August 2023.


All 20 qualified wildcard winner must perform on stage in a-cappella style, with no accompanying rhythm or background music. The artists are free to unleash their creativity, as long as they maintain a continuous beat with interesting scratching breaks and effects passages during their performance. The focus should be on the remixing and clean execution of the rehearsed scratching passages in combination with various drum beats, melodies, baselines and sound effects. The jury committee will pay attention to the cleanliness of the scratch and drum creation and the musical interpretation of your own compositions or cover songs. The type of scratching is free and subject to the creativity of the respective artist. Any type of voice samples, such as machine sounds, industrial noises, motor engines and of course imitating vintage vinyl record scratch effects are allowed.


The order of occurrences of the competitor for the first round will be drawn in advance by a raffle. All artists must show a 120 seconds elimination round on stage then. The jury committee will evaluate all music sets according to the official competition criteria: precision, creativity, musicality, technique, showmanship. Each competitor will be awarded a rating of 1-10 points per judging criterion. The eight participants with the highest placement will compete against each other in the face-to-face battle rounds of the quarterfinals, each with 2 x 90 seconds in the question and answer principle. Then the tournament continues in the same scheme with the semi-finals and final round, where the winner will be crowned as vocal scratch world champion.


1. All competitors must qualify by winning one of the 20 wildcards of the #BBBWC video contest.

2. All competitors must perform in a cappella style with no accompanying rhythm or background music.

3. The competition microphones will be provided with a uniform sound level to ensure fair condition.

4. All sounds that arise with the human organs are allowed in the contest. The performance must be purely mouth music related with no instruments or audio devices except the contest microphone.

5. Any dangerous physical contact during the contest on stage will result in immediate disqualification.

6. Every involved participant must be minimum 16 years of age and traveling with an adult or must be at least 18 years old to enter alone the competition.

7. The contest will not have any overtime rounds, except for the great final, which will only take place if the jury committee determines that both finalists have performed equally well. In this case, both competitors will be required to participate in one additional tie battle round of 90 seconds each.


Elimination +20 Competitor 1 x 90 Sec.
Quarterfinals 8 Competitor 2 x 90 Sec.
Semi-Finals 4 Competitor 2 x 90 Sec.
Final Round 2 Competitor 2 x 90 Sec.


8th Ranked vs 1st Ranked = Q1
7th Ranked vs 2nd Ranked = Q2
6th Ranked vs 3rd Ranked = Q3
5th Ranked vs 4th Ranked = Q4

Winner Q4 vs Winner Q1 = SF1
Winner Q3 vs Winner Q2 = SF2

Final Round
Winner SF2 vs Winner SF1

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