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The women’s category of the 6. Beatbox Battle World Championship is an eagerly anticipated event that will showcase the exceptional skills of female beatboxers from around the world. To qualify for the competition, the beatboxers should have won their respective national championships between 01. September 2018 and 30, June 2023. This ensures that the most talented and dedicated female beatboxers will be competing on the world stage. In addition to the qualified artists, the event production staff also invites iconic women to participate, with the aim of encouraging and inspiring the female community. This provides an opportunity for female beatboxers to learn from and collaborate with established professionals, while also promoting gender diversity and equality in the art form.

Women Solo - Beatbox Battle World ChampionshipCOMPETITION MODE

The order of occurrences of all female competitors for the first round of the tournament will be drawn in advance by a raffle. All participants must show an elimination round on stage then. The esteemed jury committee will evaluate all performances according to the official competition criteria: precision, pattern, musicality, originality, performance. Each woman receives a rating of 1-10 points per judging criterion. Then the jury committee nominates the 8 best beatboxers for the face-to-face battles. All battle rounds follow a knock-out system with a question and answer format, where both participants will perform 2 x 90 seconds long beatboxing sets. Unless one or more world champions from the years 2005, 2009, 2012, 2015 or 2018 register for the tournament. Then correspondingly fewer participants qualify for the head to head race in the quarterfinals. The competition continues with the semi-finals, leading up to the grand final round where the best woman will be crowned as the beatboxing female world champion 2023. Since there are only a few dozen professional women globally who are familiar with the art of human beatboxing, this competition promises to be an exciting and unforgettable element. It is a significant highlight of the festival and will undoubtedly be an event not to be missed by fans of beatboxing and enthusiasts of the art form.




World Champs 2005 Butterscotch (USA) Evangeli (SUI)
World Champs 2009 Bellatrix (ENG) Steff la Cheffe (SUI)
World Champs 2012 Pe4enkata (BUL) Flashbox (FRA)
World Champs 2015 Kaila Mullady (USA) Sparx (CAN)
World Champs 2018 Kaila Mullady (USA) Chiwawa (POL)
World Champs 2023 Pe4enkata (BUL) Prichia (FRA)


1. The participating competitors should qualify by winning their national championship between 01. September 2018 – 31. May 2023 or get nominated by a special achievement.

2. All previous world champions have a direct entry to the Best 16 without going through the elimination.

3. The competition microphones will be provided with a uniform sound level to ensure fair condition.

4. All sounds that arise with the human organs are allowed in the contest. The performance must be purely mouth music related with no instruments or audio devices except the contest microphone.

5. Any dangerous physical contact during the contest on stage will result in immediate disqualification.

6. Every involved participant must be minimum 16 years of age and traveling with an adult or must be at least 18 years old to enter alone the competition.

7. The contest will not have any overtime rounds, except for the great final, which will only take place if the jury committee determines that both finalists have performed equally well. In this case, both competitors will be required to participate in one additional tie battle round of 90 seconds each.


Elimination All Competitor 1 x 120 Sec.
Quarterfinals 8 Competitor 2 x 90 Sec.
Semi-Finals 4 Competitor 2 x 90 Sec.
Final Round 2 Competitor 2 x 90 Sec.


8th Ranked vs 1st Ranked = Q1
7th Ranked vs 2nd Ranked = Q2
6th Ranked vs 3rd Ranked = Q3
5th Ranked vs 4th Ranked = Q4

Winner Q4 vs Winner Q1 = SF1
Winner Q3 vs Winner Q2 = SF2

Final Round
Winner SF2 vs Winner SF1

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