Event Schedule

The Beatbox Battle World Championship take place at the Astra Kulturhaus on 29th & 30th May 2015. More than 150 artists from over 40 countries will enter the official contest on stage. Expect some serious face to face battles in four different competition categories and enjoy the amazing showcases of the jury members. The festival begins with the traditional private Get Together Party at Generator Hostel on 28th May 2015 and ends with a Barbecue Chill Out at the beer garden of the Astra Kulturhaus on 31st May 2015

Thursday, 28th May 2015

12:00pm – Early Birds Artist Registration
20:00pm – International Meet & Greet
21:30pm – Showcase: Beatur & HumanElectro
22:00pm – Get Together Party: Open Mic
00:00am – End of Day 01

Friday, 29th May 2015

11:00am – Artist Registration
14:30pm – Artist Transportation
16:00pm – Doors Open: Astra Kulturhaus
16:40pm – Opening Ceremony
16:50pm – Showcase: Penkyx
17:00pm – Men Battle: Elimination
21:30pm – Female Battle: Elimination
22:40pm – Showcase: Tom Thum
22:50pm – Tag Team Battle: Elimination
23:30pm – Crew Battle: Elimination
00:40am – Showcase: ZeDe & Skiller
01:00am – End of Day 02

Saturday, 30th May 2015

16:00pm – Doors Open: Astra Kulturhaus
17:00pm – Opening Ceremony
17:15pm – Tag Team Battle: Semi-Finals & Final
17:45pm – Crew Battle: Final
18:00pm – Showcase: Pe4enkata & Pete the Beat
18:20pm – Men Battle: Best 16
19:40pm – Showcase: Dharni & Roxorloops
20:00pm – Female Battle: Quarterfinal
21:00pm – Men Battle: Quarterfinal
22:00pm – Showcase: Reeps One
22:20pm – Female Battle: Semi-Finals & Final
22:50pm – Men Battle: Semi-Final & Final
23:20pm – Showcase: Eklips
23:40pm – Winner Ceremony
00:00am – Afterparty
01:00am – End of Day 03

Sunday, 31st May 2015

14:00am – Doors Open
15:00am – Barbecue Chill Out
15:30am – Video Recording Session
20:00am – End of Day 04

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