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The World Beatbox Summit is a global gathering of event organizers and producers involved in the beatboxing community from all over the world. After the core team conference was established on Discord, many like-minded community builders has it brought together to team up and connect on fellowship values. This online hub act as a platform for networking and meet-and-greet opportunities, enabling members of the movement to connect and collaborate with one another more effectively. Through the conference and the networking space, participants can expand their structure and build valuable relationships with others in the community.

World Summit - Beatbox Expo

As a community based umbrella organization, the core team brings together approximately +60 nations actively involved in promoting the vocal percussion movement and it’s competition format within their respective countries. The World Beatbox Summit at the Beat Box Expo serves as a trailblazer for future event activities and their decentralized organization structure. All participating chapters will present on the conference podium its respective country scene and report about their past cultural projects. The organizer committee is strived to bring many interested nations together to support and complement each other with know how and infrastructure. The accredited speakers will discuss the general principles of a global competition format in a panel discussion and guide an open podium for upcoming activities and events to set new milestones and strengthen the network foundation.


We will be discussing the best options for coordinating sponsoring campaigns and cultural funding solutions in collaboration with potential global brands to form a global union. Additionally, we will talk about the implementation and financing of national qualification events, with a focus on production costs and logistical planning. Furthermore, we need to speak about digitalization measures that can help all involved partners to simplify and implement global networking in a multilingual digital manner.


Topics such as coordinated live streaming productions, video upload campaigns, and their social media promotion are the key points of this session. Through the collaborative efforts of all participating country chapters, a seamless media structure is created that enables global media recognition for all organizers and their media teams within the framework of an editorial online magazine and an innovative library database.


The key topics of this conference session relate to supporting the cultural creations of our respective country partners. By implementing targeted support measures, such as the dissemination of news relevant content and its media presence, we aim to create an innovative organizational structure. The core team can help to promote a more inclusive and vibrant musical ecosystem that celebrates diversity and fosters innovation. Specially socially relevant cross-cultural collaborations will build a successful bridge between organizations and the industry.

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